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Sunshine Coast Council has opened a new eight-storey car park in Mooloolaba. With 700 parking spaces, 54 motorcycle and 50 bicycle spaces, the car park will make it easier for people driving to Mooloolaba to park close to the beach, foreshore, shops, cafes and restaurants.

From Monday 18 January 2021, electronic signage will provide information about car parking availability.  This includes signage at the Smith Street entry ramp, intersection point of level 2 and express ramp to upper levels will identify the number of available spaces by level.

There are 13 parking spaces in the car park for people with a disability.

No. From Monday 18 January 2021, users with an authorised disability parking permit can:

  • Upon exiting, press the intercom button to inform Wilson Parking ParkWatch that you have a disability parking permit. Please note that you will need to provide your number plate details and permit. After verification via the exit cameras, ParkWatch will be able to let the vehicle out without having to pay.
  • Alternatively, motorists with an authorised disabled parking permit can register their permit (photo of the permit, permit number and expiry date) and number plate details by contacting Council’s Parking team at parkingmanagement@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au.

Please note, that the number plate details are recorded in the event of misuse (i.e. vehicle and driver found not be in possession of a valid permit), offending vehicles may be deemed ineligible for this free parking benefit.

The site monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by CCTV and Wilson Parking ParkWatch. The CCTV cameras provide coverage around the entry/exit points, lifts and key stair accesses. Security patrols are deployed overnight, consisting of mobile vehicle patrols deployed between 8pm and 6am. Additional security patrol services will be deployed during peak periods such as school holidays and major events.

Please note that Sunshine Coast Council and Wilson Parking are not responsible for the security of your vehicle or any property brought into this car park.

Yes. The car park has two lifts located at the western side of the building (First Avenue side).

If you have any questions or concerns about the new ParknGo Mooloolaba Central, please press the intercom button located on Payment Machines to speak with Wilson Parking’s 24/7 ParkWatch team or alternatively contact Council on (07) 5475 7272.

The new eight-storey car park has entry/exit points from Smith Street and one entry point from Brisbane Road.

The maximum vehicle height limit is 2.3 metres.

Yes. There is a free bicycle parking area located on level 1 (ground floor). No parking fees are charged for bicycles. Bicycles are not to be secured to buildings, trees or outdoor furniture.

The ParknGo Mooloolaba Central car park is a $23.5 million project. The project includes construction of the car park, roadworks, service relocations, car park technology and project management.

The car park is eight-storey high and approximately 25 metres tall from level 1 (ground floor).

The design of the new multi-deck car park draws inspiration from the natural environment and incorporates local references of the Mooloolaba area.

An extensive community engagement process was undertaken during the development of the Placemaking Mooloolaba Master Plan which was adopted by Council in December 2015. Improving car parking in Mooloolaba was one of the strongest and most consistent themes and the new car park helps meet that need.  Most recently, the project team conducted a series of community engagement meetings with residents and businesses of Mooloolaba.

Paid Parking

Council is committed to providing the best possible parking experience for users. Parking demands in the central Mooloolaba need to be managed to maintain parking turnover and availability of parking spaces. The new managed parking system uses a range of parking technologies, including number plate recognition making it quicker and easier to locate and secure a car space.

As with most multi-deck car parks in locations where demand for car park is high, and there is a need to ensure turnover and availability of parking spaces, ParknGo Mooloolaba Central operates under the user-pays system.

If fees weren’t applied to the ParknGo Mooloolaba Central car park, every Sunshine Coast ratepayer would have to pay about $18 per year, every year, for the next 20 years.

Funds raised throughout the year by paid parking at ParknGo Mooloolaba Central will service the loan used to pay for the construction of the facility as well as the operation and maintenance of the site and associated systems.

A paid, ticketless parking system will be in place from Monday 18 January 2021. Cameras at the car park entrance will use automated number plate recognition technology to determine when a vehicle enters the car park. On leaving, users will pay an exit fee to activate the gate.

From Monday 18 January 2021, payment can be made in two different ways for a seamless exit:

  • Enter your number plate and pay at one of the two pay stations located on Level 1 (ground floor) near the lifts
  • At the car park exit barriers using the credit or debit card.

You can register for automatic payments online at parkngo.com.au/online-registering

To register for ParknGo Mooloolaba Central, visit parkngo.com.au/online-registering. Please note that the system takes at least 24 hours to process a new registration.

Vehicles that are pre-registered can proceed directly to the exit and the parking fee will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card.

Wilson Parking will keep all personal details secure in accordance with their privacy policy which can be found on their website at wilsonparking.com.au/terms.

No. As the facility is a public car park, spaces will not be made available for sale.

Yes. Monthly parking is a convenient and cost-effective way to manage your parking if you park frequently at the ParknGo Mooloolaba Central car park.

From Monday 1 February 2021, regular users of the car park will be able to register for a monthly parking pass ($100 per month).

To register visit wilsonparking.com.au/monthly-parking at least 24 hours prior to visiting the car park. Complete your details and choose the following drop downs: Queensland > Mooloolaba > Mooloolaba Central ParknGo.

ParknGo Mooloolaba Central monthly parking pass:

  • allows you to park from levels 5 to 8 using the Brisbane Road express ramp
  • allows unlimited access to and from the car park
  • can be used for daily and overnight parking stays.

Please note that car park spaces are not reserved and availability is not guaranteed.

The monthly parking pass will be billed monthly and in advance so you can have peace of mind knowing your parking is paid for.

From Monday 18 January 2021, motorists who enter the ParknGo Mooloolaba Central car park will be charged $2.50 per hour with a maximum daily charge of $12.50, Monday to Sunday.

Vehicles that enter and exit the car park between midnight and 5pm, Monday to Sunday, will be subject to the following hourly rates.

All charges recommence daily at midnight.

Period Rate
0 to 1hr $2.50
1 to 2hrs $5
2 to 3hrs $7.50
3 to 4hrs $10
4hrs+ (max daily) $12.50

Yes. From Monday 18 January 2021, users who enter the car park between midnight and 8.30am and exit between 2.30pm and 6pm can access an early bird rate of $6 per day. Motorists must enter the car park via the Smith Street express ramp and park between levels 5 and level 8.

Yes. From Monday 18 January 2021, users who enter the car park after 5pm and exit before midnight can access a night rate of $5 per day.

Yes. From Monday 18 January 2021, users who enter the car park after 5pm and exit before 9am the next day can access an overnight rate of $10 per day.

Council has provided a host of discounted options for all users, including early bird rates, night rates, overnight rates and monthly parking pass are available.

Charges will apply to all vehicles and no discounts are offered to motorcycles at this time.

Users need to exit the car park within 15 minutes after making payment.

An intercom is located on Payment Machines at exit gates so anyone experiencing difficulties can speak with Wilson Parking’s 24/7 ParkWatch team.

Council provides some time limited, free on-street and off-street parking throughout Mooloolaba. To view the Sunshine Coast parking area maps visit parkngo.com.au

Electric Vehicles

Yes. From Monday 18 January 2021, you will find two electric charging stations on level 2, easily accessible from the Brisbane Road entry point.

Initially, there will be no time limit on the use of these charging bays, and no additional cost for the charging station.

Subject to use and demand for the electric vehicle charger facility, time restrictions and further conditions of use may apply in the future.

The charging stations are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The electric vehicle charging station is an AC facility and will be compatible with any electric vehicle that uses a Type 2 plug.

If your vehicle does not support a Type 2 plug you will need to use your own adaptor.

Please report the issue to Council’s customer contact on (07) 5475 7273 or alternatively email parkingmanagement@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au and we will arrange for a service technician to investigate and resolve the issue.